Saturday, January 2, 2010

Village United Methodist Church

Hi Dani

At first I was going to put the money in the tip jar down at the 63rd Street Car Wash, because those guys are out in triple digit temperatures this week to shine up other people's vehicles. But on second thought, it occurred to me that some of them would not welcome an old lady coming by to take their picture with a camera. So I changed the project.

Near my home there is a large neighborhood known as The Village, where many elderly and disabled people live as well as young families buying first homes. It's wonderfully diverse, but declining due to the inability of many to afford home repairs. There are several churches in the Village that do a great job of ministry, some delivering mobile meals to the homebound, others maintaining emergency nursery and pantry supplies, etc. My home church, the Village United Methodist Church, has a long tradition of serving supper on Wednesday evenings to all who come for dinner --no charge, no donation basket, no money requested or even accepted. Supper is served from 5 pm to 6:30, after which there is a short service for people who want to stay for it, though this is not suggested or even announced at dinner. Many church members come to dinner on Wednesday, especially our elderly, for companionship as well as a meal, but so do many neighbors who have no association with the church at all. There is a donation spot just outside the sanctuary in another part of the building. Wednesday night dinners are funded for the Village community entirely by anonymous donations in the "campfire" basket. I have attached two photos here so you can see the donation basket with your two dollars, plus two more sent separately -- the early arrivals for tonight's supper, and the two ladies who are serving tonight's menu of ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, and cookies, lemonade, tea, coffee, and water. I hope you are pleased with the way your project dollars were used for a "good neighbor" supper program.
Love, Sandy


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