Sunday, January 3, 2010

Open Arms

Thanks for your interest in Open Arms. We'd just done a little pricing exercise recently, so pulling these numbers was a snap! I'd be happy to make adjustments as necessary - if you have other ideas that would be more interesting to you... Choose the ones from the list below that you think are best.

$2 pays for 5 pounds of carrots.
$2 pays for apples for 12 clients
$2 pays for supplies for 4 turkey & cheese sandwiches
$2 pays for 14 oranges - an important source of vitamin C for our clients.
$2 pays for the containers for 10 clients' entrees.
$2 more than covers the cost of groceries for each client entree we prepare.

We're happy to help! Thanks, again, for helping us tell the story of Open Arms of Minnesota. We appreciate it.

Kent Linder
Open Arms of Minnesota
1414 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404


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