Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Simple Ways to See Those Around You

Dear Dani,

I love your idea so much and I have been back to your blog so many times to watch your video. I think you did such a fantastic job. The music and your voice really moved me.

I have been thinking of the $2 question since I woke up this morning and found your email here. It is more difficult than I thought it would be.

I have a few things to suggest:

- Donating $2 in collection tins. People or organisations are always collecting someplace, somewhere.

- When you are at a shopping mall leave $2 on a children’s ride.

- Leave your $2 in phone booths.

- Buy a frazzled mum a cup of coffee at a shopping mall.

- Leave your $2 at a parking meter or feed one that is about to run out.

- Being crafty, I can make a painting or a small embroidery for $2.

- Buy handmade soap from markets and leave at shelters.

- Buy a croissant, a pie or a donut and give to a homeless and hungry person.

- Leave your $2 at a bus stop or train station.

- In Australia there is a magazine made by men who live in shelters and every Thursday they walk the streets selling them. They are $2.

- Buy bread rolls or a loaf of bread with your $2 and donate the bread at a soup kitchen.

I will keep thinking Dani. J I hope those few ideas are what you are looking for.

Have a lovely week.



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