Saturday, January 2, 2010

Child Abuse Prevention Council

Dear Dani,

Thank you for sending this email...I love your $2.00 project, your little video and your blog...beautiful! What can $2.00 do? Bus fare for child to go to their violin lesson or for a desperate mother and child to get to a local shelter? Lunch for a hungry child on their first day at a new school? We furnish a lot of prevention, child safety and positive parenting literature for parents. $2.00 could purchase a whole packet of brochures and flyers that could teach parents how to do so many things that would keep their child safe. For instance: $2.00 would buy one Safe Touch/ Unsafe Touch coloring book to teach children about appropriate and inappropriate touches OR $2.00 would cover the printing costs to have 13 little brochures called "Love with Words" printed in four languages. I'm a gardener so I love the idea that $2.00 could buy a packet of vegetable seeds that would help feed a family. I hope some of these ideas help.

Best wishes to you,


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