Sunday, January 3, 2010

Africa Bridge

Hi Danielle,

This is a great idea – I think you’re doing something with a lot of potential for an impactful message. Africa Bridge works in very poor communities in SW Tanzania, a very rural area without a great deal of economic viability or help from the outside community. Two dollars means quite a lot here – it represents how little they live on per day (less than one dollar) and also represents a difference between having food for the week or not. For two dollars, one orphan can attend school for one month (she needs $25 a year to pay for books, a uniform, and shoes – without them there is no school). The children we work with – the most vulnerable children and orphans – all want education more than anything else. For them, it is their ticket to a chance at reaching adulthood and earning living. So, I would say for us that what $2 means is a child’s chance to go to school for an entire month.

I’ll try to think of some other things.



Sandra Clark

Development Coordinator



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