Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carolina Raptor Center

Hi Danielle,

Carolina Raptor Center will gladly help with this project; I am getting information from my staff and will pass it on.

Two dollars would provide food for a bird a day.

It would half the cost of an education program for a student.


2 dollars can:

· Feed a raptor for a day

· Provide critically needed medications for a day or more (depending on the species, drug, etc).

· Provide for suture material for a surgical procedure

· Send a screech owl thru mouse school

The first thing that came to mind was that a mouse costs about $1 so we could feed two EASOs or AMKEs on $2 a day. I was trying to come up with printing costs, or some other rehab/RRK (resident raptor care) expense but I don’t know about all their ins and outs. I’ll try to think of a few more of these today….

For $2 we could donate this to a child who was visiting our center to see the flight show. This child’s parents might not be willing to spend 2 extra dollars to see this, but with a free admission to the show, they would have to oblige us. With the opportunity to see the flight show, this child may deepen his/her understanding and love for birds, especially our birds. After seeing the flight show, this child may be more apt to grow up to be a volunteer, member, rehabber or even employee. This child may encourage his/her family to visit CRC again or adopt a bird. The message of not throwing trash out the car window may resound louder and he/she may even spread this message, in turn saving countless raptor from getting hit by a car. You never know how far the benefit of $2 could go. The flight show could be a life altering event for a young child.

The first thing that comes to mind are office supplies. I took a look on line and here are a few items:

· 500 sheet-ream of multipurpose copy paper

· Jumbo paper clips, smooth or non-skid

· #2 yellow pencils, dozen

· #3 hard Dixon Oriole pencils, dozen

$ would buy a large rat that could feed the two display golden eagles

$ would buy 6 mice - enough to feed all of our American kestrels

$ would buy a couple of dozen crickets - enough for one of our Mississippi kites
$2....we could add it to the donation bucket to help with the red-tailed hawk display make-over
$ would pay for Oshem's (Turkey vulture) arthritis medicine for several weeks
$ would buy a week's worth of dish-washing soap
$2....we could fix our broken traveling eagle boxes
$2 would by 6.25 live mice to help put our orphans through mouse school....

$2 would buy 4-6 live mice. Those mice could be used to evaluate the vision of an impaired owl to determine if it can be released. If the owl passes “Mouse school” and is released, that would certainly make a memorable occasion for the finders. People love to attend the release of “their” bird and this event might be the inspiration or the first small step for that family to become more conservation-minded.


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