Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kids Food Basket


This is the email I sent to some of my co-workers. Your $2 turned into $10. Which is the donation I'm sending to them today. I will include a note about your website too. This is a non-profit feeding hungry kids in my area. Sorry it took so long to get around to it. I didn't forget. :)



A friend of mine from high school has started a project... It's very catchy.. I wanted to share about it and ask for help. The premise of the project is The Power of 2. What can $2 really do? When you think about it, at first it doesn't seem like a lot of money... but it really is.

She mailed us all envelopes with $2, and asked us to do something with the $2 let her know what it was we decided to do. Did we buy a coffee, by a card and mail it to a friend we haven't talked to in a while, save it, etc. The only stipulation is you can only spend $2. Not $2 and tax.. $2.

With the $2 she sent me I'm going to donate it to Kids Food Basket ( which provides sack dinners to kids locally (in Grand Rapids, MI) that would otherwise have no dinner. Their website says that they can purchase food items at the rate of 1 pound for 15 cents... That means that the seed money she sent me will buy 13 pounds of food!! I'm going to add my own $2 to this totalling $4...and we are off!!

Wanna see how many pounds of food we can purchase for this organization? Would you like to join me in adding $2? I would gladly put your $2 with mine.

What can YOU do with $2? (for more information on this project)




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