Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nothern Virginia Fuller Center for Housing

The power of two is very heartwarming. If our organization had $2, we would be able to purchase 1 2X4. When you start adding them up, we are able to add a much needed addition for a family in need of more space, or make necessary repairs to someone's home. A few weeks ago, we had an individual donor send $1 in the mail. At first I thought - why waste your time, but than I thought about it deeper. I came to realize that this is all this donor could afford to give, but he wanted to do more. I challenge you with: The Power of One - What could that $1 purchase in home repairs. Many people in the DC area are in need of home repairs, our organization is striving to meet that demand. Think about it, if 1000 people gave just $1 dollar, you could renovate a bathroom, kitchen, paint an entire house. It is amazing what can be done. I admire what you are doing with $2 - keep it up!! I would love to know more.
Jacob Koch
President, No. VA Fuller Center for Housing


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