Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ethel's Tree Of Life, Inc.

Hi, Dani
Thank you for contacting Ethel's Tree of Life (ETL). I'm glad you are doing this project. Two dollars would turn into 12.5 pounds of food for an ETL family if we used it at the food bank, or, would provide for a hamburger and a beverage for a hungry youth who just needs to sit and talk with someone they are comfortable with for a while. It would also provide for 27 miles worth of gas to pick up a youth who doesn't have transportation to one of our activities. Two dollars could buy a kitchen strainer or bowls at Goodwill for a youth who has just achieved independent living and needs items for a kitchen. Two dollars could buy a clean pair of underwear for a homeless youth. Two dollars makes a difference, Dani. Thank you for putting those envelopes out there.
Linda Higgins
Executive Director
Ethel's Tree of Life, Inc.


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