Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sun Devil Family Charities

Thanks for the email, that's quite an interesting project you have going. Well, to answer your question i will tell you that right now sun Devil Family Charities is assiting a young woman named Ebony with the treatment of Polymiositis a chronic inflammatory disease of the lung making it increasingly difficult to breath, ultimately resulting in not being able to breath at all, she needs a double lung transplant. Based on the cost of her breathing treatments and the oxygen tanks she must purchase. $2.00 will provide about 3 minutes of oxygen for Ebony. Ebony also has about 1800.00 in monthly prescription medication, $2.00 wil cover 1/10 of a percent of that cost. However, $2.00 does in fact make an impact no matter how small.

Todd L. Hanley, Charter Board Member
Sun Devil Family Charities

Later Information:
Please bear with the long email, I apologize in advance for the length but I think its important information.

As many of you know I am a founding member of a 501 c3 public charity, Sun Devil Family Charities (SDFC). I will not give you a lot of detail behind our mission, purpose or history; I will let our website ( do that for me. The purpose of this email is to introduce SDFC to you.

We are currently raising money for our Patient Specific Fund in order to help two individuals.

Our first recipient, Ebony Kelly is a 1995 graduate of ASU. She was diagnosed with polymyositis six years ago. Over this time the disease has affected her lungs causing a progressive deterioration in her overall health, including shortness of breath, chronic coughing and digestive disorders. Her condition has steadily worsened over the past year and physicians have determined that this condition has caused life threatening damage to her lungs and her only remaining medical option is double lung transplantation. We sponsored an event in Ebony’s honor. In a very short time, this group rallied together and we raised $9,000 for Ebony to help her pay her bills as she continues to focus on getting well. This was a huge help for Ebony, but the bills keep coming.

Our second recipient is a three year old girl, Taylor Souza who was diagnosed with Leukemia 3 weeks ago. This young girl is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and is in need of a bone marrow transplant operation. Any of you that have children, think about how innocent and helpless he or she was at three years old. Her mother has been forced to leave her job to be at her side daily as she goes through these treatments. She has a twin sister that is not a bone marrow match; no family members have proven to be matches. Now the family is fighting to pay their bills with one income while dealing with a life threatening illness of one of their young children.

We are a legitimate non-profit 501(c)3 public charity, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our effort. Please share this with anyone you think may be able to help.


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