Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Small Victory

With two dollars, A Small Victory ( could provide over 50 bereaved parents with postcards which stop all baby related mail from being received. After the loss of a child, mailings or reminders that arrive through the mail are painful reminders of what we have lost. I, myself, have known this heartache. Six after the birth and death of my daughter, I got a notice from Huggies that my child is six months old now and is ready to move up to the next style of diapers, for crawlers. Not only was this a reminder that six months had gone by without my Janell, but it gave me new heartache as it opened my eyes to what she would have been doing if she had lived. Mail is not as easy to opt out of, like email is, that's why A Small Victory provides postcards to bereaved parents that they send to their post office and it notifies the mail professionals to remove their name and addresses from baby and child related mailing lists. So, $2 could stop painful reminders and ease over 50 hearts.

Liz Allen
Chief Executive Officer - A Small Victory


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