Sunday, January 3, 2010

Edmonton Small Press Association

Hi Dani,

Great project. I agree "two dollars isn't much, but it's something"!

A few things I can think of that orgs like us (who produce street papers & have street vendors, many homeless) could use $2 for are:

• gloves, hat or scarf
• toothbrush, hand sanitizer, shampoo, soap, deodorant, hairbrush/comb or other toiletries
• recycled/reusable cloth bag
• a pair of underwear or socks
• reusable plate/cup/cutlery or water-bottle
• lighter (for those who use campfires to cook hot meals)
• seed investment for jewellery-making: one dollar for beads, one dollar for string/wire, which can then be made into several bracelets or necklaces for re-sale
• seeds - people can try growing some of their own food (or sunflowers, which they can also re-sell)
• pillow-case to carry other clothing (and use for a pillow)
• bike lock & key
• plastic tablecloth (can be used as waterproof shelter)
• deck of cards or other 'small, mobile games' (for entertainment)
• herbs & spices for cooking

Most dollar stores have all of the above for $2 or less nowadays.

Keep us updated!


Lynette Bondarchuk
"Our Voice" Street News (Edmonton, Canada)
Edmonton Small Press Association (ESPA)
P.O. Box 75086 RPO
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 6K1 Canada


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