Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home Front Hearts

...Home Front Hearts is a one woman operation at this point and every two dollars means two dollars I don’t take from my personal checking account to fund the organization (but don’t quote me on that – lol). An international letter is 0.98 these days. Unless you’ve been there – you can’t begin to imagine how much something as simple as a letter means to a soldier and his/her loved ones. Only through such a letter did my husband see photos of our fourth child’s ultrasound (we learned I was pregnant right before he deployed), or watch my older children master their writing skills, or send love on another set of holidays we wouldn’t get to spend together. Something as simple as postage provided the opportunity for us – him from afar and me here with our children – to share a moment in time. And trust me when I tell you that those moments are extraordinarily precious when your heart is in a war zone....

Be well,


Randi S. Cairns, MS
Founder/Executive Director


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