Sunday, January 3, 2010

Street Sights

Dear Dani,

Thank you for including Street Sights in your two dollar project! I work at an organization called Street Sights in Providence, RI. We are a free monthly street newspaper covering news and issues related to homelessness. We serve as the most current guide for local resources for the homeless population and provide a means through which homeless individuals can have their voices heard.

We're unique because most of the people on staff (writers, editors, distributors, and photographers) at Street Sights are homeless or formerly homeless. And while we do not have a lot of money, we do what we can support our staff members with bus passes, food, and supplies. Any money we have to spare we often use to celebrate with each other.

In the past few months, we have had 3 staff members move out of shelters and into their own apartments, after having been homeless for 3 or more years each. Sarge is one of those staff members. He has shown up to meetings jingling his keys with excitement about his new place.

With two dollars, we purchased a housewarming gift for Sarge--a plate and a mug, for $1 each, at the local dollar store. We were able to say, with that small gift, that we care about Sarge and couldn't be happier about his new home.

I wish you the best and lots of great responses for your two dollar project!

Take care,
Amy Peters
Street Sights, Staff writer and grant writer.


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