Sunday, January 3, 2010

Culturatti Kids

Hi Dani,

A little while back you contacted Culturatti Kids through our website form about what $2 would mean to our organization. We had a lot of fun thinking about it and trying to think of all the creative ways that we could promote literacy on 2 bucks. I wanted to share with you what we came up with and also ask if we could also share this on our blog (with a link to yours of course!). We think that this is a great idea and hope you get some great feedback!

With $2.00 Culturatti Kids could buy...

* 64 crayons so that kids could illustrate their own stories
* 400 index cards for kids take notes on books they are reading, use as bookmarks, write down their favorite book to give to another student, etc.
* 2 songs on iTunes that can be licensed on 5 computers to teach youth about poetry, lyric writing, and creative storytelling
* 6 pocket folders for youth store their writing work
* 2 1-subject notebooks to keep as writing journals
* 50 sheets of 11x8-1/2 storytelling paper (blank on top for pictures, lined on the bottom for the story and fold-able to make a book!)
* 3 black and white composition books
* 200 sheets of notebook filler paper for writing of course!
* 100 sheets of copy paper for youth to make their own story books
* 36 #2 pencils because most great books started pencil to paper
* 4 1st class stamps so students can learn the lost art of letter writing
* 1 Teddy Bear that can become the traveling mascot of Culturatti Kids with each classroom he visits adding something to his story
* 30 blank bookmarks that kids can design themselves
* 2 used posters to prompt kids how "A picture is worth 1,000 words"
* 2 cans of coffee to use as time capsules in which students put stories based on how they see the future
* 20 used books at the Salvation Army
* 2 copies of USA today to teach students about journalism
* 1 cup of coffee for a WWII vet who volunteered his time to speak to a class of students who then write his story

Amy Marie Shropshire
+1 (614) 270 5904


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